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From L to R: (Top Row) Glory Hall, Don Horowitz, David J. Balint, Brenna Holscher, Linda Julien (Bottom Row) Kirsten “Kish” Underwood, Candace C. Chuck, and Tricia C. Tuttle

David J. Balint

David J. Balint PhotoDavid Balint received his B.A. from University of Washington and then served two years in the Army. Upon his return he began law school and received his J.D. from University of Washington Law School. David has received awards for his trial acumen and has lectured at Continuing Legal Education courses to other lawyers. His practice is limited to representing persons who have been seriously injured and medical and legal malpractice. David also serves as a mediator and arbitrator.

David is active in various community affairs. He is an avid runner, skier and enjoys reading and teaching philosophy and spending time with this children and grandchildren.

Donald Horowitz

Donald Horowitz PhotoDonald Horowitz has been active in the justice system since the late 1950’s and continues to be fully involved in efforts to improve the quality and delivery of justice to all persons.

Judge Horowitz received his B.A. from Columbia University and his L.L.B. from Yale Law School. He began his long and varied career as a law clerk for a Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court. He was in private practice for many years, was Senior Assistant Attorney General and Chief Counsel to the State Department of Social and Health Services, served as a King County Superior Court Judge, and currently is a mediator and arbitrator.

He is known both in legal circles and in the larger community as a generous donor and a true leader and doer in the movement for equal, accessible and meaningful justice for every person regardless of means, disability, race, age, gender, lifestyle, and social status. The history of his publications and service to the people of our state, our nation, and to those in other countries in pursuit of justice, requires many pages and is perhaps best summed up by his receiving in 2010 the Washington State Bar Association’s Award of Merit which is the WSBA’s highest honor, most often given for long-term service to the Bar and the public.

Don is currently a Trustee of Seattle University, serves as an adviser to a number of schools at the University of Washington, and works closely with the State Access to Justice Board. One of Don’s favorite nonprofit organizations is one he founded, Seattle SCORES, an after-school program for vulnerable children in high need elementary schools that combines soccer, literacy through creative writing, and community service. When Don is not helping others, he and his wife enjoy travelling, laced with music, food, art and adventure.

Candace C. Chuck

  Candace received her B.A. in Business from Tulane University, with a concentration in Legal Studies in Business and a minor in International Relations. She is currently a rising 3-L at Seattle University School of Law.

In her spare time, Candace enjoys cooking food, eating food she can’t cook, reading books, and playing tennis.

Glory Hall

 Glory joined our office in 2007. She completed her Associates of Art Degree and is currently working to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. 

When out of the office she enjoys long runs, good coffee and Seattle’s exciting art scene.

Linda Julien

Linda Julien Photo Linda Julien graduated from Seattle University. After learning bookkeeping skills on the job, she attended accounting classes at SCCC. In 1985 Linda started her own business specializing in law firms with various practice areas. She has been able to put these accounting skills into use on behalf of non-profit, social justice organizations such as Real Change News.

Linda is also a keeper of books, enjoying reading in many areas. Kite flying is another favored activity, along with walking an extra mile.

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