Legal Malpractice

Lawyers have a responsibility to every client, and even some parties that are not yet clients. When an attorney has failed to uphold their duties to a client, there may be a basis for legal malpractice. Lawyers can fail to maintain their duties to a client in a variety of ways, including: representing you while a conflict of interest exist, allowing the statute of limitations to lapse, misappropriating funds from the client, overcharging a client, disclosing information subject to an attorney-client privilege, mistakes in litigation, lack of competency in the area of law, and other ethical violations.

The basis of a legal malpractice case is factually specific. What does this mean to you? We should discuss the specifics of your previous lawyers conduct to determine if his or her actions give rise to a legal malpractice claim. Everyone deserves a fair shake when faced with a legal issue. If you believe that your previous representation robbed you of that opportunity, give us a call to discuss your potential claim.

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